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This is the online business and interaction page of Shiyaya Tours and Travel Uganda - a private tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda.

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The Shiyaya Travel Journal

Uganda is completely abuzz with excitement over the Pope's visit from November 27 - 29 2015 and understandably so since this is the first visit that Pope Francis will be making to Africa as a continent.

With the thousands of expected visitors coming for this event plus the already 3 million city residents, at Shiyaya Tours, we have all the resources to make your (group or individual) visit memorable and will cover accommodation and transport requirements to ensure you are there for all the Pope's public events.

During this monumental visit, it is expected that Pope Francis will visit the Namugongo Minor Basilica (also known as the Namugongo Martyrs Shrines), a cultural site built in honour of the Uganda Martyrs who died for their faith, in 1886. Pope Francis will be the third Pope to visit the Shrines, after Pope John Paul II in 1993 and Pope Paul VI in 1969. As Namugongo is located 15 Kms from the capital city of Kampala, we shall  greater attractions for our tourists. Next to the minor Basilica is a small lake that many pilgrims have drawn water from and testified to its miraculous powers just like the hot springs in Kitagata in Bushenyi District close to Queen Elizabeth National Park where you find the unique tree climbing lions.

Your stay in Uganda, will be made even more enjoyable if you visit one of the many national parks and commune with creation as God intended. Come see the beautiful waterfalls in Murchison Falls National Park or the might River Nile as it sets out of Lake Victoria. Be calmed by the communities of the gentle gorillas in the Bwindi National Park or thrilled by the elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Explore the magnificent, untamed wilderness of the Kidepo National Park and then go whitewater rafting at the Nalagala Rapids. Visit man's close relatives - the chimpanzees and see the most beautiful birds and butterflies in Kibale National Park.

Uganda is a country with a vast array of attractions and travelling around the country is now relatively easy. From the moment you arrive, we shall cater to your needs for complete satisfaction and an excellent experience. We at Shiyaya Tours and Travel are committed to ensuring your visit to Uganda as grand as the Pope's visit is to the country..

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Announcing Changes In Uganda's Visa Rules and Arrangements

Shiyaya Uganda


This is news that has just come filtering through as of today:

Please see below a notice on new procedures to apply for Visas to Uganda. (sent as received) 

The Uganda immigration Department is rolling out e-visas and e-permits from 1st June 2016.


1)      Any one arriving from 1st June 2016 who requires visas must have applied online visas and on completion and submitting your application you are to receive a bar-coded email notification.

2)      On arrival at any border (entry point) you are to present that email. The officer will scan the bar code, personalisation (electronic) and a visa sticker will be printed with your photo and will be placed in your passport on payment of visa fees at the entry point.

3)      For extension of those visas, you have to go online for the same.

4)      There are provisions for single entry EAC visas, tourist visa, business visa, multiple visas, for employment etc.

5)      For the trial run, you can visit


1)      Every company that intends to employ or is foreign to Uganda will have to go with its articles of association and incorporation certificate to the Immigration Department. On presenting the same you will be given a code which will be your company reference for future application of entry permits.

2)      Every entry permit application will have to go online to You will be notified accordingly and if approved you will have to present all the notarized copies you have uploaded, along with originals at the immigration office.

3)      On approval of your work permit, you have to apply for visas for employment purposes under e-visas. But you do not have to pay for the work permit until your employee has arrived in Uganda and has been through personalization (at the Immigration office in Kampala, to take photos and figure prints). 

4)      With this system, it will become imperative for especially class G entry permits that the employee will have to be out of the borders of Uganda.

5)      In regards to class D, E you may apply once you have arrived in the country having acquired all required documents to run your business.

6)      You can test apply the permit as the website allows the test runs. Use the company ID as 107341488 and you can apply for a dummy permit.

7)      Forward any suggestions you may have which will be gathered and sent to, for instance, the Indian Association, who in turn will talk to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Id card-reentry card:

1.       Everyone would be given a ID card when he has got the e-permit and that ID card would be use as a proof of permit also.

2.       When one travels round the country this ID card should be shown and will work instead of producing the original passport.

This ID card would have electronic strip, by just swiping to their hand held machine they will have all details of the permit given.

(Reproduced as received from a government official, so please excuse typos and any lack of clarity).