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This is the online business and interaction page of Shiyaya Tours and Travel Uganda - a private tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda.

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Commercial Info

Uganda is a vibrant country with the friendliest people you will ever meet. Not only is it gifted with beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna but the people themselves will leave you smiling. There are over 50 tribes in this one country which means that the culture is as diverse as the animals you will find here.Uganda has a lot to offer travellers of all kinds - families, adventure and thrill seekers, party animals and even lone wolves.

Getting tourist visas for Uganda:

This is probably the least complicated process in Uganda. The tourist visas are available at the different ports of entry such as the Entebbe International Airport or the border points if crossing into Uganda by road. The current charge for a tourist visa for visitors from outside East Africa is UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONE HUNDRED (US$100) but free for all residents in the East Africa region.


Uganda, a small landlocked country is heavily dependent on its road network for promotion of all its economic activities. As a result, the Government of Uganda has committed to the development of its road infrastructure and therefore, we have some of the longest road networks in the regions. Most of the roads in the main cities and towns are tarmacked but those inner roads (such as those in and around the parks) are murram dirt roads.


The Uganda Shilling - it is best to check for up-to-date exchange rates using

If this is your first visit to an African country, your first safari, your first walk with the gorillas and apes, then you will be understandably worried about small things such as how much cash to carry with you, or whether your credit card will work in Uganda.

We will find you the answers you need.