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This is the online business and interaction page of Shiyaya Tours and Travel Uganda - a private tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda.

Thanks for visiting our website - now come and visit Uganda!

Shiyaya References

This list will grow slowly but steadily; but we're proud of every single line.


The Uganda Shilling - it is best to check for up to date exchange rates using


tour Options

Where to go - everywhere in Uganda goes, or you can go to everywhere in Uganda.

Ideas to follow - there is no shortage of ideas, especially if you are talking with our team.

What to do - the list of available activities is long and can be confounding, which is why were are in place so you spend less time sifting through the options.

Who to use - for various services you need to find providers that are reliable and trustworthy; over time, we've built a database of the best (and the worst!). 

Why you're visiting - the primary reason for your visit is never the only reason. In Uganda we always offer more and more - extras are part of every package in Uganda, right from a glass of water (which normally gets served with a couple of coffee beans!)


Ease of holiday - making and accomplishing holiday plans should never be difficult but often leads to anxiety unless you have the right support - which, in Uganda, is Shiyaya. 

Memorable experiences - a good holiday is one you enjoy and remember enjoying for many years to come, and that is a rule. 


Flights - determines the type of gallery image navigation is provided on the page.

Food and meals - the range is vast going from traditional Ugandan matooke, firindi, kalo, binyebwa and various types of ennyama, to street food like the Rolex, through to continental and Asian cuisine and even adventurous offerings the likes of which you might only have seen on television.

Transportation - if you want to do it by boda-boda, Land Rover, VX Land Cruiser, kayak or walking (wearing lugabire) you can do as you please the whole way through.

Accommodation - where you lay your head will be your pillow. That's going to be true of a camping tent, five-star hotel, two-corolla motel, a friend's spare room or sofa, or even a vibrant Kampala nightclub if you're that type of party animal and have booked a party tour of East Africa's nightlife centre.

Language - we all speak english in this country - many times with an entertaining lilt to it - but also French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Creole, Spanish, Kiswahili, and even hand gestures; it's only aliens we aren't sure about at this point, because it is said they sometimes don't have hands to gesture with.

Security - if you really, really need an AK47 to get around, we will be appropriately surprised and we may have to organise one but in general you will be fine. Bodyguards are a rare request but an amusing one all the same, so feel free to ask for one, but you are in good hands at Shiyaya.

Culture - should not be a cause for worry; instead, it's an opportunity to enjoy Uganda and we will ensure that you get a good dose of the traditional and colloquial culture of Ugandans of different walks of life regardless of your tour interests.

Wildlife - is a major reason for choosing to holiday in Uganda - and whereas you won't be welcomed by frolicking Mountain Gorillas or rampaging lions at Entebbe International Airport, it won't take long before you're face to face with globally rare yet in Uganda very abundant forms of wildlife of a confounding variety.

Communication - throughout your holiday or tour and travel experiences in Uganda or other parts of East Africa with Shiyaya, we will ensure that you are in communication with our head office, our emergency contacts and, most importantly, your families or social media audiences. Uganda has good overall bandwidth or cellular coverage and we know best how to harness it for your comfortable use.

Health - is always of paramount importance (otherwise we are all dead!) so we will ensure that you are not only adequately provided with a fully-stocked first aid kit and attended to by well-trained first aid and public health professionals, but Shiyaya will also arrange your health insurance coverage for ALL visits within Uganda.

Birds - Uganda offers a wide variety of birds, even more than the animals. Regardless of the places visited, you will get a guaranteed glimpse of the special birds Uganda is home to. From the Crested Cranes, our national bird, to the grey African parrots to shoebills, we know their locations and have the right people to guide you to them. 

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